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exclusive vintage tube clock with modern technology


NixC is a project where I wanted to show the way to connect two opposite designs. Old fashioned tube displays coupled with classic hand woodwork and modern technology is what represents NixC.

Old but new

NixC is a clock built with rare no longer produced nixie tube lamps but electronics closed inside give it a new outlook. It has never been easier to control a device. With a phone, you can remotely set the time, change the colour, backlight effect or enable sleep mode to save tubes' lifetime.


Due to its classic design, NixC will fit almost any interior style. Natural oak wood, glass tubes and colour adjustment make it extremely versatile.


recycled laser engraver


LasR is affordable laser engraver, packed with great technology and recycled parts. Not only it helps our planet but makes it more beautiful with things you can create.

Express yourself

With LasR you can engrave simple text, graphics or even a complex photo. Use it to customise your phone case, label your product, cut the sticker, make a stamp, burn your favourite photo on wood, cut out a business card, make a leather laundry tag and much more! Possibilities are almost limitless!


LasR is based on DVD drives' guides. Is there something better than breathing new life into something seemingly useless? It was built from my desire to create something simple in design but advanced in technology as well as very useful.



Have you ever thought about effortless controlling, playing, streaming and managing your music while lying on a couch?


cPlay is a very easy device to setup and control. All you need to do is plug in power supply, speakers and connect to a network. You can control it from almost any device in your home through an internet browser or an app.



No more cables. Now to play your favourite music you just have to choose cPlay as your audio output. Use your current speakers or amplifier and cPlay to make it wireless with DLNA! Thanks to AirPlay you can stream Apple Music.

Music Library

Use cPlay as an individual great quality music player. You can store audio files on it, even FLACs! It allows you to enjoy clear sound in lossless uncompressed FLAC format.

External Drive

Go limitless with memory. With 4 USB ports at the back, you can connect plenty of external devices to play music from.


Have an access to worldwide music. Simply link your Spotify account (Spotify Premium subscription required).


When one cPlay is not enough. You can manage all your devices at once to choose what to play where or sync them all together.

Network Drive

cPlay can be configured to be used as your local network drive. Make your external drive wireless and accessible from other devices in your network.